230 million years ago, Hotavlje was covered by sea, full of vibrant life. Different organism, such as corals, sea sponges, urchins and snails slowly created massive limestone with their hard-skeleton parts. It was later covered with various rocks and could well remain hidden deep under the surface. But tectonic forces, the masters of earth’s crust transformation, wanted it to rise to its present location. Hotavlje marble sings a unique song praising its beauty, one which cannot be found anywhere else in the world.

Its uniqueness is a special colour variation that passes from dark and light grey t dreamy pink and scarlet red

At every step, Hotavlje reveals that it has long been closely associated with stone. The residents of Hotavlje discovered the wealth that was hidden right in front of them more than 300 years ago. It is not entirely clear when they first carved into the stone, but one of the oldest processed portals reveals the year 1721. Thus, began a rich tradition, which, through generations and generations of stonecutters, transmits knowledge, skills and the love for stonecutting craft.

In 1948, the workshops at the foot of the quarry joined into the company Marmor Hotavlje. With the help of vision and hard work, the company has developed into one of the leading stone processing companies in the world


Today more than 150 employees are involved in the implementation of top integrated services. They have the best team of engineers, technologists, architects, designers, stonecutters and other experts, who intertwine past experiences with progress of the future.

The people are the ones who make Marmor Hotavlje different, they are the core of everything they do. They work as a strong connected team, aware that each and every one plays an important role in creating a good final product


Their advantage is that they offer clients complete services – from the idea to the final product.

Hotavlje processes natural and artificial stones from all over the world. They use modern technology, which requires highly qualified engineers. A variety of machines with exception power, speed and accuracy, under the watchful eye of administrators, contribute on the way from the stone block to the final product. At Marmor Hotavlje they are proud to be able to achieve the best combination of modern technology and traditional hand stonemasonry, as they are aware that only this way, they can bring stone processing to perfection.

Despite advanced modern technology, the skilful hands of stonecutters have no substitute

The technologists represent a link between the client and the contractor. The ideas of architects and designers are translated into the implementation phase, they prepare precise designs and models that allow clients to see what the final product will look like even before the first cut is made. Their projects are completely transparent, as they are striving for client’s involvement in all creation stages of the work process. This way they do not leave anything to chance.

Indispensable support is provided to the masters by a powerful team, which develops the best solutions and ensure smooth workflow across all stages of the process

Precious marble, simple limestone, proud granite or shy sandstone – each and every stone hides pieces of art and their vision is to take them to another level. They are innovative and precise performers with high standards to our own work. They are ready to take new challenges and to handle all orders with the same level of responsibility. With unique experience and knowledge, they can plan, implement and create completely new concepts of stone processing. Their goal are top quality products that will delight with its beauty long after our time. Above all, they want to continue to nurture their love for stone.

At Marmor Hotavlje, they carry out the most demanding ideas, they develop creative solutions and are always a step ahead of the rest

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