Producing a unique table made of stone is a very tricky and demanding process. The design behind it is the guide for artisans in the workshops, but the execution of the stonecutting works always requires new methods and techniques. Since always, there was a demand for marble table tops but the fear of stains made the customers look elsewhere towards different alternatives such as artificial stone. The aggressive liquids can damage every type of stone, from granite, to limestone and marble. Some are more affected than others and the likes of wine, vinegar, coffee and lemon juice can open cracks and leave marks on the surface practically forever. Everyone dreams of having a beautiful dining table made of Calacatta or Statuario and there was a need for a solution that would solve the problem of staining forever.

Through years and years of research, chemical testing, hard work and perseverance the company Marmor Hotavlje has managed to find a solution against aggressive liquids for marble table tops. This special technique comes at the end of the process and it can only be implemented in their workshops. At the beginning of every similar type of project, the client or the designer chooses the right type of marble that will fulfil their desires. After that, the technical department of the company has to prepare precise drawings that serve as a basis for the stonemasons who follow the instructions and transform them into a reality. At the same time, the technicians prepare the render which they show to the client for a better visualisation which part of the stone they have chosen and how the product will look like even before they start with the process.

The production work that follows is always a combination of heavy machinery such as CNC or WaterJet and traditional craftsmanship skills. The usage of the machines depends on the design of the product but in every case, one of the two provides the initial shape and prepares the groundworks for the hand finishing part. There, the stonemasons take care of the tiniest little details that cannot be achieved with modern technology. This part is the most time consuming and it requires trained individuals that understand the limits of the stone. ‘’In order to get the most out of a marble piece, you first have to listen to his story’’ is the famous saying that the company lives by.

Before the packaging part, where the company always prepares the crate solely to serve the needs of a particular project, the production of the special coating system starts.
The system takes 3 to 5 weeks for implementation and combines different layers of protection that cannot be seen with an naked eye nor felt with a hand. The layers are very thin and they give the appearance like nothing is on the surface. This system allows the customers to be more relaxed and to have an easier maintenance of their table tops because no strong cleaners are needed to remove the stains from the marble piece. Hot water and the towel usually does the trick.

With this unique solution, the demand for the marble table tops has skyrocketed in the last 10 years and has resulted in the fact that the table tops produced by Marmor Hotavlje are present all around the world. Based on the huge success they have achieved with this innovation, the company’s moto is ”We think ahead so you don’t have to”.

The whole process from choosing the stone to the effect of the supreme protection under one minute

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