This case story represents everything that the company stands for. Together with the designer Alexander Purcell Rodrigues they have created a concept that was very unique but equally complex.

The idea was to create this desk from a massive block but the weight would be too high, as it would be around 2.5 tons. In addition, installation would be very tricky because of the weight restrictions.

Together with the designer, they came up with an idea of using light-weight technique, which is used for yacht projects. There were a lot of aspects that had to be taken into consideration, from drawings and all the way to the installation. The technological department of Hotavlje, which consists of 12 individuals, worked extremely hard in order to prepare precise designs and models, that gave the client the best presentation of what the finished product will look like.

The first 3D models were received from the designer, which served as a starting point of the project


Like with any other project, Hotavlje used a variety of computer-controlled machines with great speed and precision. However, the pivotal part of any product is always hand-finishing, which became a signature of the highest quality by the Slovenian company. For a smooth process, the communication between the technologists and production workers has to be very strong, as there are a lot of details that have to be taken into consideration. The tolerance between drawings and actual finished piece is +- 0.5mm, which shows there is no room for error.

The drawings that production workers receive from the technology department are always precisely prepared and they contain all valuable information needed for the initiation phase

When the light-weight technique is used, it gives an appearance of a solid stone but in fact it is made from various stone panels. Hotavlje is well-known for its complete in-house processes and what follows was a custom-made solution from their technologists.

The core of the product is made from different materials and it is covered with stone. This could be tricky for some, but certainly not for the skilful stonecutters of Hotavlje. After the designer confirmed the renderings and templates based on the material that was accepted, the next step was to build a sub-construction.

The sub-construction was made from a combination of wood and steel that had to enable sufficient carrying capacity and still remain as light as possible

The thickness of the stone was mere 5mm, glued together with a special honeycomb system where the goal was to match the veins as much as possible


Creating such unique pieces is always a challenge but even with production being finished, the job was not completed yet. The reception desk was ready for transportation and they had to create a special crate that would sustain all possible circumstances while travelling to the final destination. Having managed that, the next and final step was the installation. They have a saying that goes “We believe that the quality of the finished product depends on two factors:  how you produce it and how you install it, and the latter definitely counts for 30%”. That is why they always anticipate every detail and take all precautions needed when installing a certain product.

From calculated weight of 2.5 tons, by using the light-weight technique and a special sub-construction Hotavlje managed to create this piece that weighs less than 300kg. This amazing desk is now decorating an office of a private customer in London

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