Tomaž Selak


“It is challenging to organise the company for working on complex projects and still remain competitive. Our plan is to continue searching for new solutions, educate our employees, upgrade the machinery and improve the quality of our work. By doing that, we will maintain our position as one of the finest stone companies in the world of luxury.”

Branko Selak


“We, the people are the ones who make Marmor Hotavlje different, we are the core of everything we do. We work as a strong connected team, aware that each and every one of us plays an important role in creating a good final product.”

Damijan Selak


“Our advantage is that we offer our clients complete services – from the idea to the final product. We process natural and artificial stone from all over the world. We are proud to be able to achieve the best combination of modern technology and traditional hand stonemasonry, as we are aware that only this way, we can bring the stone processing to perfection.”

Helena Selak

Key Account Manager

“Working with clients has always fascinated me. I can never sell something I do not believe in myself, therefore I devote myself entirely to what I do and transfer that to the client. Being as passionate as I am certainly helps in this line of work because I can inspire and share the true meaning of stone, which for me is a natural living material.”

Sandi Čeferin

Key Account Manager

“My passion has always been connected with details, therefore being involved in unique and luxurious projects definitely suits my characteristics. My responsibility and challenges are connected with special land-based projects whose results are unique pieces in the field of furniture and art”.

Gregor Žontar

Sales and Project manager

“Hard work, resilience and dedication are of huge essence in this industry. Even as a student working in Marmor Hotavlje I realized that there are no shortcuts if you want to be successful. What fascinates me the most about this job is that every project is completely different from the one before.”

Blaž Hren

Head of PMO

“Having an engineering background certainly helped me in the beginning. After intensive training, coming to the project management department certainly suited my working style. In this unique world, where complex design meets multiple technical limitations is never an easy one, but together with our colleagues and partners, we successfully travel these paths again and again.”

Martin Jenko

Head of Calculation

“Preparing quotations is a never-ending learning process since every product is custom made. Being a link between the firm and the client is thrilling because only by presenting each and every stage of the process, the clients get to see that we really do care about details.”

Peter Šmid

Head of purchasing

“Being head of a department is so much more than giving orders. It is necessary to have the knowledge and a desire to help others, whilst obtaining the same level of passion towards your job. We are constantly looking for new materials worldwide and we want to be a go-to company for fresh ideas on the market.”

Zdenko Mrdja

Head of finance

“In this line of work, we do not leave anything to chance. Every single project is completely different from the previous and taking that into account, reviewing all contracts, producing internal and external reports and ensuring proper business operations at home and abroad is very important.”

Ciril Krmelj

Head of production

“The path from being a production worker and using the very first NC machinery in this part of Europe to being responsible for production of such high-end products has been truly tremendous. Nowadays we have more than 100 production workers that are highly trained and capable of the most demanding work.”

Klara Baran Babnik

Head of HR

“We are striving for the perfect balance of experienced people and young enthusiasts. Organizing different events helps us to achieve the best combination of both. Only by following the development of our employees and providing them with various internal educations we can stay a step ahead of the rest.”

Gregor Požar

Project Manager

“Work presents me with everyday challenge, as a company, we are involved in the implementation of the most demanding projects in this segment. That being said, the journey from a construction manager to project manager has helped me to have the necessary knowledge to successfully accomplish the client’s desires.”

Marko Pustavrh

Project Manager

“It takes much more than management skills to lead a project. Strong technical knowledge is of huge importance especially if the company strives to be the best in its segment. Having a team that has a passion for the stone and willingness to give that extra bit of energy for a perfect final product is what separates us from the rest.”

Janko Mahnič

Project Manager

“Being an operator on one of the first CNC machines was a completely different era than the one today. Through years of experience as a production worker the next step was the technologic department. Nowadays, leading the projects is very tricky but satisfying because we have equally minded individuals who’s focus is providing top quality products. Probably this is the reason why we are capable of doing more projects at once.”

Boštjan Reberšek

Project manager

»Being in the company for over 25 years has allowed me to see the progress we have made in that time. Nowadays, we work on the most luxurious projects worldwide but what amazed me the most was the fact we stayed true to our legacy. Preserving cultural heritage and integration of the company in the environment by supporting local projects are just some of the indicators that we really do care what we leave behind.«

Urban Pustovrh

Process supervisor

»Goal-oriented operation and directing decisions towards achieving goals are key factors that contribute to the company's success. Changes are part of everyday life and responding to them in a timely manner is important for further growth and development. Planning, monitoring, information and guidance must serve as the compass of an individual company. With its help, we make operational and strategic decisions that helps us achieve our goals.«

Jože Mubi

Retail sales associate

“The company used to work mainly on domestic market. In that time, we were looking for sales channels for selling our products across Slovenia. As the customer segment changed and the share of foreign markets strongly increased, we had to adapt. Nowadays, we are still very active on domestic market and we have our own shop in Hotavlje where private customers can buy their desired stone products.”

Natalija Brdnik

Retail sales associate

“I have always wanted to work in a place where there is a strong emphasis on team work and customer relationship. In Hotavlje, we do take every single detail into account and because of it, we never stop learning. We believe that the clients can sense that and we will continue to do so in the future.”

Blaž Guberac

Aftersales specialist

»Being the link between the clients and our team is truly fascinating. Selling is just one small part of what we do. There is a lot of communication and organisation involved in the process but the real difference is in the constant need to improve and invent new ideas and trends. We always strive to be the best.«

Rok Zupančič

Purchasing manager

»We meet with every type of project in our department. Proper stone selection, good relationship with suppliers, following new trends and cooperation between all departments in the company dictates the work dynamics. Each project is different and therefore it presents a unique challenge for the future.«

Maša Kušar

Calculation manager

»We always emphasize that team work is one of the most important values in our company and that is truly the case. Because of the fact that we do not produce products on stock, it makes it very difficult to calculate or simulate the process before it is even done. With the help from various departments, we are able to create the best possible approximation of the reality and help the client understand the level of complexity behind it.«

Irena Poljanšek

Sales and technology support service

»Experiencing different departments from sales, HR, finance and technology made me realize that this company does work as a whole. The added value this creates is unimaginable and being the link between different departments gives me the best insight on how the communication flows in our company. It is one of the reasons why we are where we are.«

Luka Romih

Head of technology

»Innovation. Everything revolves around that. We always strived to be the go-to company for new complex methods and solutions, the products that were never made of stone. Nowadays, we are that company and we do not want to stop here. Creative thinking, brainstorming sessions and various technical tests helps us to constantly push the boundaries of stone.«

Bojan Dolenec

Project coordinator

»Stonemason, administrator, production manager and project coordinator. That is my path in Marmor Hotavlje. Every single job title has something in common – coordinating. The diversity and complexity of the work has always pushed us to create new ideas and concepts that will help our masters in the workshops to create products in even better quality and less time than before. By doing so, we make sure that our clients remain calm and satisfied.«

Danilo Benčič

Project coordinator

»Growth is the most important factor in our company. Passing our knowledge to the younger generations is not only one-way enrichment. Those ‘’young guns’’ have a different point of view and often tend to find more innovative solutions that will benefit everyone in the company. Having the right combination of both helps us to save a lot of time and energy with technological process.«

Miha Berčič

Project coordinator

»Evaluating the documentation, solving details and preparation of drawings is a very complex process. Adding the fact that we work with world-renowned companies means that the margin for error is equivalent to zero. Because of the reasons stated above, we always strive for perfection and the excitement that follows keeps us moving forward and allows us to explore new possibilities.«

Lucija Hamer

Business Secretary

“Since the majority of our business is done abroad, there is a lot of coordination between the organizational units in the company. Performing administrative work in personnel, legal and other fields is always a challenge. Being able to organize business trips and communicating with clients and business partners is definitely something I love doing as well.”

Aljaž Podobnik

Production manager

“Different techniques require different approaches. From light-weight products used on luxury yachts to different finishes for bespoke furniture or art pieces. We provide very strong learning process for our production works because in this industry, the level of tolerance is minimum and that is why we always strive for perfection.”

Rebecca Bogataj

Production support service

»Ensuring the fluidity of production process is a very demanding task. We have more than 100 stonemasons in our company and more than 20 different projects at the same time. These projects require different organization as they are not equally demanding and they do not contain the same materials. Being involved throughout the entire process gives us the possibility to monitor every step contributing to the final look of the product.«

Aleš Bogataj


»Traditional stonemasonry is what separates us from the rest. We are not satisfied until we achieve perfection. In order to do that, you have to be one with the stone. You have to recognize how it behaves, which tool to use and what material you are up against. Producing unique pieces such as sculptures and unique furniture pieces gives us the possibility to combine different materials and achieve something that has never been done before.«

Branko Ažbe

Installation specialist

“We believe that 30% of the final result depends on the assembly. Precise measurements on site and careful installation of every single piece that is involved in the project takes time. We always protect every other material during this phase as we are aware that only by respecting the work of others, others will respect us.”

Andrej Rogelj

Site manager

»I believe that 30% of the final look of our products depends on the installation because even by producing a perfect piece, something can quickly be ruined on site. That is why we are following the footsteps of production and make sure that the product is installed flawlessly.«

Matevž Markelj

Site manager

»Through years of experience, working on the most demanding yacht projects, I have realized that the communication is key, regardless of what your job title is. It often happens that something is either not prepared or a certain trouble appears during installation and that is when the communication plays its part. Having to deal with project managers on one hand and the contractors on the other, it is pivotal to remain calm, look for solutions and ensure the best possible outcome for the client and the company.«

Žan Filipič

Head of R&D

“The project does not end when we install it on site. Stone is a natural material and it needs care and maintenance. Developing new solutions related to stone adhesives and chemical preparation through various tests is very demanding but satisfying when we get the desired result and the stone remains as beautiful as it was on day one.”

Miha Oblak


»The essence of life is passion. Being a stonemason, but at the same time working with people of different profiles is enriching yourself and the team. Top products are made only by a motivated team of diverse talents, whose common goal is innovation. Our wealth is people.«

Domen Kolman


»When you first touch the stone you can feel it is cold and sharp. Once you start to shape it, you feel its warmth and beauty. That being said, it is of utmost importance to love what you do and to love working with different characters. Having a positive attitude can enhance how the final product will look like.«

Arnes Džanan


»New challenges are a part of everyday process in our workshops. It is one thing to lead the team and ensure a smooth workflow of the project, but it is a completely different thing to help new employees understand the level of work we do here and to monitor their progress in order to assign them to the tasks they are most suitable for.«

Ivan Benčina


»The work of a stonemason is very diversified and, above all, interesting with full of challenges, especially in producing the most demanding stone products. With all my years of experience, I have set a benchmark for quality, so no product goes out of my hands if I am not satisfied with it.«

Masters of craft.

Today more than 150 employees are involved in the implementation of top integrated services. We have the best team of engineers, technologists, architects, designers, stonecutters and other experts, who intertwine past experiences with the progress of the future.