Monaco Yacht Show is the biggest display of large yachts in the world. It was founded in 1991 and the attendance numbers as well as the number of exhibiting yachts increased rapidly over the years. Nowadays there are more than 125 extraordinary yachts on display and over 500 exhibitors including world’s best superyacht builders, yacht designers, luxury brands, automobile companies, and much more.

The exhibition happens each year in September and the yachting industry turns its attention entirely to the MYS as it provides the ultimate showcase for visitors and exhibitors. In other words, those who mean something in the superyachting industry are there.

The event offers the greatest aspects of luxury against the glamorous backdrop of Monaco


The company has 20 years of experience in the yachting segment. This industry is very niche and because of it, very demanding and unique. It requires a number of certificates, restriction rules and other regulations but at the end of the day, this is where you want to be. Working on the best projects in the world, with the best shipyards, architects and designers, for the most prestigious clients.

Even before penetrating this market, Hotavlje was present on a number of luxurious products worldwide and because of it, it didn’t take long to become a go-to provider of stone for superyachts. The company has always seen something more in the stone, therefore they are visionary oriented towards even more demanding projects.

Since the execution of stonecutting works is a demanding challenge, the products on yachts have to be designed with even bigger precision and they use special techniques that give the appearance of solid stone, but in fact the products are very light


Marmor Hotavlje was present as a visitor on numerous occasions in the past. This exhibition serves perfectly for presenting the company and meeting with clients, partners, designers, etc. But moreover, its true meaning is in getting to know the ones that don’t know you.

After years of very fruitful collaborations the company has gathered in that time, they have come to the point where they realized that the time has come for them to exhibit. To have a booth there gives a certain statement to the outside world and shows that you are in it for the long haul. But it also enables a meeting point where exhibitors can communicate freely with existing partners and meet new ones.

This year will be the 3rd year in a row that the company exhibits. Hotavlje, together with Bobič Yacht Interior created the booth with Pininfarina as a mastermind of design


Together with the company Bobič Yacht Interior, wood specialist, companies came to the idea of collaborating together and create a synergy between both materials. The idea was to present wood and stone in perfect harmony, so these materials are used in equal proportions. The design of the interior was done by Pininfarina and the inspiration came from the cocoon, which represents a sort of revolution that hides values such as potential, capabilities, resilience and attitude by both companies. The goal was to show all details in the most beautiful way possible. Every detail of wood and stone is so special that you can present its story and talk about it for hours.

Using modern technology with the skilful hands of stonecutters results in perfection

There are more than 2000 pieces of stone in the wall and each piece is different and hand-crafted

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