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What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files which most websites store to devices with which users access the internet in order to recognise individual devices used for access. The storing of cookies is under control of the browser used by the user – who may restrict or disable the storing of cookies. Cookies are not harmful, are always time-limited and do not contain any data with which your identity could be established.

If you decide not to accept cookies, you may do so in our cookies settings by clicking on the Cookies link at the bottom of the web page.


Why are cookies necessary?

They are of fundamental importance for ensuring user-friendly on-line services. Cookies make the interaction between the web user and the website faster and simpler. With their help the website remembers the visitor’s preferences and experiences, thus saving time and making browsing through websites more efficient and user-friendly.

The use of cookies in on-line production is common and desired. Cookies, in fact, enable a higher level of services, such as the use of on-line shops, preventing an excessive display of advertising banners and similar. Without the use of cookies it would also be impossible to measure the visits of web pages.

Certain cookies are necessary for the operation of the web page, whereas others store only if you agree with it. Below are given instructions as to how individual cookies may be removed by clicking the link of the browser that you are using.

In case you have already cookies stored on your device, these cookies will remain after being declined, however, new ones will not store. After the expiry of their validity period, these cookies will also be removed.

Cookies on our website may be divided into two categories with regard to their function: essential cookies and marketing cookies.


Essential cookies

Essential cookies are necessary for navigating the website and for using its functions. Without these cookies functionality cannot be ensured, without them, for example, actions performed during the visit (e.g. entering text) are not “remembered”, even when you navigate between individual pages of the website.

Name of the cookie Description of the cookie and its purpose Duration Origin
viewed_cookie_policy Intended for retaining the user consent about the use of cookies. 60 days Website owner
 ga_activated Used for retaining the user consent about the use of cookies. 60 days Google Analytics
Pll_language Cookie necessary for detecting the language that sets the correct translation of the page according to the selected language. 1 year Website owner
Wp_woocommerce_session_ID Cookie required for the operation of the on-line shop with a unique ID used for various shop functions, such as basket, etc. 2 days Website owner


Marketing cookies

Marketing cookies are used for obtaining ads which are important for specific users and are tailored to their interests. They are also used to restrict the frequency with which ads appear and to measure the efficiency of advertising campaigns. They register whether you have visited the website or not. This information may be forwarded to third parties, e.g. to advertisers. Cookies used to improve the outreach to target groups and advertising are often connected to functions of pages of third parties.

Our partner is Google, LLC, Mountain View, California, USA.

You may find additional information in Google advertising cookies by following this link. If you wish to select or change your selection of tailored Google ads, follow the instructions of the Google Ads settings manager.

Name of the cookie Description of the cookie and its purpose Duration Origin
_ga Used for distinguishing between users and sessions.  2 years Google Analytics
 _gid Used for distinguishing between users and statistics of page visits. 1 day Google Analytics
 _gat_gtag_UA* Cookie for storing unique user ID. 60 seconds Google Analytics
 tk_ai Collecting internal data on user activities. Used for improving user experience. session Google Analytics
google-map Cookie required for the operation of maps or googlemap service and for the connection with the geo location 7 days Website owner


Giving and revoking consent for individual types of cookies

Users have the option to decide whether to accept or decline individual cookies. Should they give consent for cookies and later change their minds, users may subsequently revoke their consent at any time in the same way the have given it by clicking the Cookies link.


Disabling cookies with browser settings

In most browsers the option to automatically accept cookies is already set. Most browsers allow users to set the manner of storing cookies themselves. By disabling cookies the web page will not run correctly or its functionalities will be disabled.

The instructions for enabling the settings are available here:


Enabling Google Analytics cookies

In order to prevent Google Analytics cookies from loading, you may download the following browser add-on: Google Analytics Opt-out Browser Add-on


Rights related to processing and protecting personal data

All information related to your rights, legal bases, purposes and personal data retention periods and manner of processing personal data is available in our privacy policy.