Our past is our future.

We are extremely proud of our history. Since 1721 we have been cutting stone in our valley. This has been a continuous process that links generation with generation and we see our history as a big part of our future.


Masters of craft.

Our people are what makes us different, they are at the core of everything we do. We have a team of engineers, designers, architects and stone masters who know everything there is to know about stone.


A continuation of the past.

One of our most important missions is the renovation and preservation of our heritage. Our knowledge is part of this historic past. We take pride in restoring our historical architecture. We know how important this historical architecture is. For each project we carefully select the local stone and rebuild each detail to restore our heritage to it’s former glory.


One of nature’s most brilliant and beautiful creations.

It’s all about the ‘perfect imperfections’ shaped over millions of years. This is what makes stone unique. We treat our stone with the respect it deserves to bring out it’s unique fingerprint and history with it’s eternal message.


Our work makes us who we are.

With our knowledge and experience gained through the generations we continue to use stone in modern global architecture and design. Each project we work on is different. Each one has it’s own demands and it’s own rewards.


New concepts in stone cutting

We work on the most demanding projects and strive to make the most unbelievable ideas a reality. With our unique experience and knowledge we can design, engineer and create completely new concepts in stone cutting.